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lactic acid

I saw this today at DrunkCyclist.com and was inspired to write a post of my own.  Not poetry, mind you, just something inspired by what Big Jonny had to say.

I haven’t owned a motorized vehicle in 5 years.  You pretty much don’t need to own one, at least not here in Seattle.  I rarely need more groceries than I can fit in my backpack.  Where I live everything is 5 miles away, since Seattle is squished between Lk Washington and Puget Sound, and when I do want to venture out to Whitty’s place out on the other side of Lk Washington, that’s still only 30 miles away.  Very doable by bike.  For those times when lazyness sets in, there’s public transportation.  No problem.

As a bike commuter, my legs are usually a little bit sore at all times.  Not like the day after your first ski day of the year, but a dull roar that lets you know that you rode your bike today.  Every day.  So my favorite part of the day is when I first jump into bed at night and I can stretch my legs to their full length and then just relax and lay there for a moment and feel relaxed and ready for sweet sweet slumber.

That’s all I had to say…

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